Take a trip around the world with our #Globe lamp! This design brings two-
dimensional planes to "light" with a powerful image from the map of the world. Each
BY-BULBING lamp is made from a thin sheet of acrylic glass, which has been laser
engraved to create light-emitting 3-D forms. When turned on, the lamp displays a
beautiful optical illusion that challenges our perception of shape and space. We
chose this unique design to emphasize that the concept of distance these days is a
relative matter, one that is subject to perceptual and conscious change. This
functional and decorative design piece suitable for reading-light and creates the
perfect ambience.

Studio Cheha

€169 EUR

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Product Specs


iron base, plywood birch, acrylic glass, LED, white cord + dimmer

Product Size:

H42 cm, W22 cm


100-240V Warm light


1 year warranty

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