Karpaz Gate Marina Hotel

We had the pleasure of working on a custom project for a hotel located in North Cyprus. The hotel, nestled in the picturesque marina, seamlessly blends a stylish nautical-themed interior with rich, meaningful symbolism. The project involved crafting a magnificent large mirror ensemble for the hotel's lobby, a space that serves as the first impression for guests. Consisting of three mirrors, each measuring 2 meters in height and 1 meter in width, the central mirror featured an intricate engraving of our original Hamsa illustration, brought to life with delicate illumination. The Hamsa, also known as Fatima's hand, is a symbol revered for its protective properties against evil, deeply significant to Turkish culture. Inspired by our popular BULBING HAMSA lamps, the hotel owner was captivated by the idea of incorporating a bespoke version into the entrance, creating a stunning fusion of modern design and meaningful symbolism.