About us

We’re Aya and Nir, wife and husband, parents of Neri and Shai. We are both graduates of top design academies - H.I.T and Bezalel, specializing in different fields: Aya in visual communications and Nir in goldsmithing and fine art.
We took our first steps on several crowdfunding platforms where we gained worldwide recognition. The love and interest we received, helped start our journey as a professional design studio and gave us the motivation to continue creating art and inspiring others.

Our goal has always been to create unique art, even if risky. Art isn’t a science. It cannot be restricted to certain patterns or rules, but it can be experimental. It can be measured.

We measure it by people's smiles, by the surprising way they react to our optical illusions, by their instinct to turn on the light.
We experiment by trying new ideas, developing different ways to create and design our products. We put our curiosity to the test.
In the heart of our creation, you will find the concept of light. It seems to be so plain and yet it is such a powerful invention. It is an element that constantly affects its surroundings and can make visible changes in endless ways.

Our 2D/3D artwork is our way of saying: things aren’t always as they seem.
The depth of an illusion, just like the actual truth, lies in our ability to comprehend it.
What it is and what it is lacking - are both parts of the story we present.
We design all products in-house. We hand pick the best suppliers for our production process and use only high-quality materials in order to make sure we create beautiful and practical objects - that are here to last.