MEDIA - Special Edition

€ 179.00 EUR


MEDIA has been awarded as ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Interior - Winner
 by the German Design Council.

This is what the judges has to say:

"MEDIA is specially designed to enhance any office environment with its perfect glow of ambient light. An illusory lighting solution that uses energy-efficient LED lights to catch the viewer by surprise. A 2D/3D artwork beguiles the eye with optical trickery — an intriguing addition to any space in search of the unconventional."


Product Specs


Materials: iron base, plywood birch, acrylic glass, LED, white cord + dimmer // Gray color

Product Size: H60 cm, W26 cm // Larger version of 'by BULBING®' collection

Power: 100-240V Warm light

Warranty: 1-year warranty


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