MEDIA - Special Edition

€ 179.00 EUR


It's no surprise that MEDIA has won design awards: its optical illusions and traditional shape make it the coolest lamp around.

The By BULBING collection is the perfect bedside table, bedroom, or table lamp. It's high-quality, energy-saving, and lights up your home with 3D optical illusions. Made with acrylic glass, with etched lines, interior lighting has never been so cool, or different.

Your shelf, desk, or any other surface will strike a sophisticated pose with the By BULBING collection. You might not get much done while staring at it - don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Product Specs


Materials: iron base, plywood birch, acrylic glass, LED, white cord + dimmer // Gray color

Product Size: H60 cm, W26 cm // Larger version of 'by BULBING®' collection

Power: 100-240V Warm light

Warranty: 1-year warranty


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